Sea Dunes

Rental Townhome Community  
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Sea Dunes Rules & Regulations

RECREATION FACILITIES: are open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This includes the Clubhouse with its racquetball court, exercise room and video games, the pool and spa, the basketball courtyard, and the tennis court. You can make arrangements with the staff for early morning tennis. For sunrise joggers we recommend the beach. The Clubhouse and pool area are "No Smoking" areas. Smoking is allowed in the courtyard. Food and glass bottles are not allowed around the pool. The courtyard has tables for eating. Observe the rules that are posted around the pool

PARKING: Vehicles must be parked in the two car space between the white lines in front of your unit or in the garage.

DO NOT park in front of an adjacent unit! Additional vehicles may be parked in the overflow parking area in front of the Clubhouse. Only park in designated parking areas. DO NOT park on the grass! Our lawns cover the sprinkler system lines and septic system drain fields, both of which can be easily damaged by vehicles. When parked in the overflow lot, place your parking permit on the dashboard. Parking passes can be obtained when you check in at the Clubhouse.

TRAILERS: Boat trailers, campers, etc. can be temporarily parked in the overflow parking area.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS: Sea Dunes Townhomes operate on septic systems. There are no garbage disposals. Please do not put grease, oils, garbage, etc. down the drain. If disposable diapers and similar non degradable items are flushed down the drain, they are likely to block the main waste line and cause waste water to back up into the units. Report problems to your rental agent.

GRILLING: Grilling on the decks is PROHIBITED. Outdoor grilling is permitted on the concrete or asphalt parking area in front of the garage and at least three feet from any wall. DO NOT PUT LIVE COALS IN A DUMPSTER!!

TRASH: Five dumpsters are available within the complex for your garbage and household trash. Please carry your garbage to the dumpster in plastic bags. Construction debris, large appliances, furniture, etc cannot be disposed of in the dumpsters. They must be taken to land fills for disposal. The dumpster truck driver will not empty the dumpster with these items in it. Nor will the driver pick up any trash outside the dumpster

AIR CONDITIONING: please be conservative while using air conditioning and make sure all windows and doors are kept closed. Best temperature is about 76-78 degrees. NOTE: air conditioning will only cool to about 20 degrees below the outside temperature.

PHONE USE: long distance calls must be made collect or charged to your calling card or home phone

DECK RAILINGS: Towels and clothing are not to be hung over the deck railings.

QUIET HOURS: Sea Dunes is a great family residential and recreational community. Please help us maintain this family atmosphere and observe quiet hours between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

PETS: Pets are not permitted in Sea Dunes rental homes.

PROBLEMS: report problems with your unit to your rental agent as soon as possible. Problems outside your unit, on the grounds or in the Clubhouse or recreation complex should be reported to the Sea Dunes Staff.

DEPARTING: when departing after vacation rental, please comply with the 10:00 AM check-out time and before leaving the premises do the following:

  1. Wash dishes.

  2. Take trash to dumpsters.

  3. Check for personal items in closets, drawers, etc.

  4. Close and lock all windows and doors.

  5. Return keys and rental items to the rental agent.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 911. KITTY HAWK POLICE (non emergency): 261-3895.

KITTY HAWK FIRE DEPT. (non emergency): 261-2666. RESCUE SQUAD: 441-1551